About Me

Thanks for visiting my website!

My interest in photography started early in my life in the days of film. I started shooting my Dad’s Pentex Spotmatic II and slowly learned how to make photographs. While my business career took front seat my photography interest went on hold until that blessing of kids arrived. My interest in capturing those family keepsakes reignited my earlier passions.

Today my kids are growing up and less patient to let Dad take their picture and so I continue to explore this medium of creativity through various projects, clubs, classes, and photography outings. I find it a great release from the day to day. I recall I saw a photograph in a magazine one day and I just couldn’t stop staring at it. The photo drew me in and I wanted to know more of the story of the photograph. I knew at that point I wanted to create the same experiences with my photos.

Today I find myself at a bit of a crossroads. What is the result of the art I’m creating? Who is it engaging and drawing in to the untold stories. I’m truly exploring what the next phase of my photography will look like. I’ve shot a lot of landscapes, buildings, churches, and whatever the monthly theme was for our local camera club. Today I’m looking to transition from this to more meaningful work.

My desire is to use this talent to help others and make them smile. I want to create stories that draw you in looking for more. I hope you’ll enjoy this site and join me for the ride.

Blessings…. Mike